FREE UK DELIVERY OVER £25 !!! currently on a 7 working day make leadtime
FREE UK DELIVERY OVER £25 !!! currently on a 7 working day make leadtime
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About Us

At Freckles and Daisies we create conversational unique baby clothes up 7yrs old, that Inspire and create magical memories which last a lifetime. Every product is lovingly handmade by myself in the UK and quality tested by myself.

Current Making lead time 3-5 days.

Because of my mum!.......Who was a dressmaker for top shop and French connection. Mum’s are heroes and for me watching my mum when I was a child make dresses, gave me the inspiration and passion I have today for sewing. I followed in the footsteps of my mum and spent 14 years in the ‘fashion designing’ industry learning my craft as a designer and was fortunate enough to travel the world. After having my 2 wonderful children Finlay and Mabel, Freckles and Daisies which has always been a dream was born.

My favourite aspect of my job is hearing from my little customers and their mums. We love Seeing the babies and children in our outfits, they help bring the unique personality of our prints to life, creating magical lifelong memories. Thanks to our amazing customers and their loved ones for sharing their memories with us.

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Love Freckles and Daisies xx